2018 CCP Summer Camp!!

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Come be a part of the 2018 CCP production “Shrek Jr.,” based on the popular animated movie “Shrek.”

Have the awesome life opportunity of working in a live theatre!!

All campers will sing an audition solo, (or group song for chorus parts only), and all will have a cold reading (you’ll get them when you get to auditions and only have several minutes to prepare). Audition dates are on June 25th or 26th at 6pm till approx 8pm

Campers will have on-stage and backstage tasks that will produce a full-scale show in the two week time frame. Actors in lead roles will focus mainly on their lines, solos, dances, and blocking.

Chorus and supporting characters will focus on additional tasks that will be required such as, but not limited to: painting props and set; creating props and set pieces; learning blocking, lines, solo or group number songs and dances; and filling in for crew who are instrumental in quick scene changes.

Be a part of the magic of theatre with the musical “Shrek Jr.!”

Contact education@capitalcityproductions.org with questions.

Camp Times: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Camp Drop-Off: Shikles Auditorium (1200 Linden Dr.) @ 7:45 amCamp Pick-Up: Shikles Auditorium @ 5:30 pm