2020 CCP Season Ticket

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Capital City Productions is Proud To Present Our 2020 Season!!

What are the benefits of being a 2020 CCP Season Ticket Holder?

▪ A Season Ticket Holder email will be sent out a week before the seating chart is opened to the general public, allowing you prime seating. As we continue to grow, this will be an extremely beneficial perk as we have already increased Season Ticket Holders by 4 times from 2016 to 2018!
▪ A Season Ticket Holder will receive an email a week before any added special performances, such as our new "CCP Spotz! on the Arts" Productions, to allow advanced purchase before the general public.
▪ A Season Ticket Holder will receive the VIP Red Carpet Ticket Line number linking you directly to our House and Ticket manager to take care of any special needs you may have.
▪ A Season Ticket Holder will receive a yearly survey card to suggest shows he or she would like to see in future seasons to help guide the CCP Artistic Director.

Why Is It Important To Be A 2020 CCP Season Ticket Holder?

Community theatres involve more participants, present more performances of more productions, and play to more people than any other performing art in the country.

Community theatre enriches the lives of those who take an active part in it, as well as those in the community who benefit from live theatre productions. On either side of the footlights, those involved represent a diversity of age, culture, life experience, and a strong appreciation of the importance of the arts.

I believe that community theatre is America's theatre. For a variety of reasons, community theatre thrives in this nation like nowhere else in the world. Seeing the positive impact that it can have on youth, seniors, area businesses, and a community's identity is a humbling but energizing experience. Our ongoing challenge is to continue to raise the bar on our work-constantly making it better-while continuing to have that positive impact that theatre education and participation bring.

Capital City Productions is a place to find joy and wonder and community. It is a place where families find joy in sharing a special occasion; a place where audiences gasp in wonder as the magic of a beloved classic unfolds onstage; a place where we see community built because the experience shared by those in our theaters leaves them with a sense that they belong with those who shared it also. This is how your support will enrich the arts and our community.

Community theatre is a team effort opportunity for people of all talents, skills, and energy. It enriches the community both financially and artistically. Theatre is a wonderful leveler of people where background becomes a moot issue. It is the truest form of diversity, and we celebrate that.

What was your dream growing up? "I will be a teacher, a fireman, a doctor…...a Broadway star." How that sentence ended wasn’t as important as having a dream and living in a community that encourages and inspires you to reach for your dream.

Capital City Productions recognizes the need to fulfill that dream. That is why we created the educational division, a great passion of mine. I wish there had been something like that for me growing up. The struggles I overcame of identifying who I was might have gone easier or I at least would have been given a safe place from being bullied where I could gain confidence in myself. Performing arts programs offer children and youth a benefit they usually do not find in an ordinary classroom. Instead of just gaining knowledge about things, they gain knowledge about who they are and what they can do and receive the tools and guidance to accomplish those dreams.

Performing arts help kids grow into better adults, parents, and citizens. It is also important to remember that the performing arts build cultural bridges, bringing greater understanding and better communication throughout our American society.

Studies have also shown that youth who participate in the performing arts form stronger ties with the community and more often, tend to return and/or settle within the community and perform community service as adults.

Even with this information in hand, school districts and the federal government are continuing to cut funding to arts programs or eliminate them altogether.

This is why your support is so critical in maintaining these creative outlets.

Urban designers, planners, and developers all agree the key to a stronger community is a well laid foundation to the arts. Jefferson City is so fortunate to have such an active, quality Theatre District. It not only opens the mind to endless possibilities and pushes us beyond our normal boundaries, but also encourages creativity and pride in our community at large, which, in turn, stimulates the level of healthy growth a community needs to thrive.

Capital City Productions is proud to be a 501c3 (not-for-profit) Community Theatre! We need people like yourself to help us continue to grow, cultivate our new programs, and be a beacon to those wanting to get involved in the arts. As we now start the search for sponsorship and grants, your role and investment as a Season Ticket Holder are still as crucial as they were in the beginning of Capital City Players. For 29 years we have built Capital City Players/Capital City Productions into the community theater family it has become with your support, and now with that support and the prospect of obtaining sponsorship's, we will continue to grow and expand in the community.

Together We Grow--Together We Dream--Together We Turn Those CCP Dreams Into Reality!


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 As with all our performances, there are no paper-tickets issued and no trees are harmed.  Upon arrival at the theatre, you will check-in by last name at the reception desk, with photo ID, for table and seat placement.  Thank You & See you at the show!